Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday afternoon!

We just got a new pool for our tiny back yard And here are the kids enjoying it!

Backstreet's Back ALL RIGHT!

When I was 16 i was such a Big fan of backstreet boys and They were HUGE all over the world, I even was a member of the fan club back then. We( my sister and I) used to save money to buy their posters and magazines. We had our bedroom cover with pictures of them. We recorded every song (cassette)and video (vhs) and every show they performed at. Our parents made a big effort to make us happy with this "hobby"!

They performed in Panama and I cried soooooo much because i couldn't go. It was IMPOSSIBLE, we were to poor LOL. So For me it was a DREAM that never came true....

UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That changed.. 12 years after,They perform in SLC and I was able to go and make that dream come true!!!
I know... They are 12 years older also hihihi But they still rock my heart and I'm still a Fan. It's Amazing how Heavenly Father answer your prayer even if it is 12 years later... But You know what??? HE DOES!!even with Something so silly like this.

So Last Wednesday I went to the Energy Solutions Arena and I screamed like a 15 year old girl and I dance like.. well, I move like a 28 year old (nothing to do there), let's just say I dance like crazy and I had sooooooooooo much Fun. Chris bought the tickets for mother's day. And he said:"If I HAVE to go with you, I'll go but if you want to go with somebody who would enjoy the music more..go ahead" So I asked my lovely friend/boss Britta. But she couldn't go(work) Leo a costarican friend went with me.( he was a huge fan also back in 90'S)
OK the concert was AWESOME!! And it was absolutely FULL sold out! Honestly i didn't expected so many people. BUT I LOVE LOVE THEM, HAHAHA

Monday, June 14, 2010

Our favorite things to during summer:




Random Summer Pics

Here is some of Chris' "adventures"
Playing with Skylar

He got stuck for not listening to his parents!!! THIS WAS SO FUNNY he was in such missery....

Our new FAVORITE place to eat

He found a new way to use my pantyhose


Here are some thing we've been doing in the past months!! I'm working during the summer but I do my best to keep my kids happy during the summer. So far, as most of you know...It's not been really sunny out there, and my costarrican body is SCREAMING for some sun.

Spanish School Program. The pigs and the Wolves

Abby's Dance Concert

Chris' Kindergaten Graduation

Monday, March 1, 2010

Utah's Safety kids fair

I definitely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my job.I have so much fun working with little kids and having the opportunity to have my kids with me at Spanish School. I love each of my 14 kids at Spanish Preschool .
This past weekend we participated in the Safety Kids Fair in Sandy. I had so much fun and I was being paid for it!! Seriously it's the best job in the world. My boss Britta and the other teacher Leidi are so nice, they make my job even better.

Here are my "moquitos" at the fair:

All these personages are real people LOL my kids got Batman's autograph

Ramdom pics

Abby is great! She is a Saint she let me do her hair however I want. She can sit for two hours and patiently ask..¨mom are you done¨ my poor little booger.She is just the best!
And Cosito Mio! My Chrisy is the sweetest boy, always saying funny things and making us laugh with his jokes: "mom.. what have more than 4 wheels and flies? A garbage truck!!".I'm so bleesed!!!!!

Georgia's Tunes